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Dallin Writer's Workshop

Winners announced!

Read and enjoy the amazing winning stories from the workshop, along with commentary from professional editor and judge, Elizabeth Good.

First Place - Talia F.
Tied for Second Place - Sam W.
Tied for Second Place - Aidan K.

Welcome, 5th grade fiction writers at Dallin Elementary School in Arlington, Massachusetts!

TENTATIVE Workshop Summary

4/10/2014 - Introductions to short story writing
4/17/2014 - Exposition
4/30/2014 - Plot
5/1/2014 - Character Development
5/21/2014 - Dialogue
5/22/2014 - Conflict and Scene Development
5/28/2014 - Drafting
5/29/2014 - Editing
6/3/2014 - Proofreading
6/11/2014 - Publishing

Ms. Roe's Writing Assignments & Handouts

Extra Writing Assignments

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