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Heather is a very professional, enthusiastic teacher who loves what she does.
I was very satisfied with Heather's service coaching my daughter on her college essay. She reported learning a lot about writing an essay in general during the process (grammar, etc.). Heather did not write her college essay for her, rather Heather helped her formulate her own ideas in a clearer and more effective way. My daughter feels that she owns her work entirely and this is extremely important.
I found the follow-ups between sessions helpful. I liked the way Heather kept me posted on exactly what they were doing each week. I was a little surprised by the price, but I think it was worth it. My daughter was extremely stressed, did not have a very good essay, and this all changed after the lessons with Heather.
–Anne Dent,
Belmont, MA

We have been working with Heather Roe to tutor our now 7th grader for over a year. During that time Heather has been meeting with our daughter between 45 minutes and an hour depending on what the academic needs were of that particular week. This flexibility in itself has proven to be amazingly helpful as assignments and homework are ever changing.
At first I was hesitant to sign up with Heather because of what I considered a higher than average hourly fee compared with other tutors we had worked with in the past. Admittedly, I had been feeling disappointed by the lack of a structured plan, feedback and follow up by past tutors. Not to mention no sign of academic improvement. I was anxious to see what kind of impact more detailed planning of her academic goals would play in my daughter’s learning style when I decided to give her a try.
Our daughter struggles with reading comprehension and has difficulty analyzing complex ideas or concepts, especially those she is unfamiliar with or uncertain about. I can happily say we have seen significant improvement in these areas and though I don’t like to overly rely on test scores, our daughter’s MCAS English results show a 90% improvement over peers in her grade and a solidly proficient score in English.
We have been thrilled with the results and consider Heather not only a dedicated teacher and great tutor but also an integral partner in our daughter’s academic success.
–Eileen Eisele,
Arlington, MA

Heather very quickly found a connection with our son, identified ways to help him with his problems getting his thoughts down on paper and worked diligently to build his confidence week by week. We were pleased with the results which by every metric I can think of were exemplary. We will continue to use the techniques she helped us work out, but if things don't keep moving forward, we will call her back in to help us keep him on track. He's a creative kid who needed some help with his writing process and we were very happy with the help we found for him.

–Ivo Wortman,
Arlington, MA

Ms. Roe was, and is, an inspiration to me.  Because of her, I found a huge love of science and English.  The lessons she taught me have stayed with me through high school and college. For example, she once told me, “It’s not what you know.  It’s what you do with it.”  It stuck with me.  She was a tough teacher but, honestly, it brought out the best in me later.  Thanks to her, I have graduated college with a certificate.  She made a difference in my life.  Thank you, Ms. Roe.

–Emma K., former student,
Greenfield, MA

Ms. Heather Roe typifies all the qualities of an exceptional teacher. She is bright, personable, child-centered, flexible and engaged in her work. She is an incredibly dedicated educator who takes pride in discovering each individual child's talents and then, with an amazing balance of attention to the child's academic and emotional levels, plots a course to enrich the child's progress. Although her work is completely child centered, she is fully proficient and skillful in integrating the expectations of school and state regulations. Ms. Roe consistently holds her students to a high standard, but also tempers this expectation with the realization that children need support, encouragement and to connect on a personal level. Ms. Roe spends an incredible amount of time both preparing for her lessons and afterward documenting the child's accomplishments and further expectations. Your child will truly enjoy working with such an exceptional teacher, and so will you.

–Dr. Neva Frumkin,
Longmeadow, MA